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BabyBay Bedside Cot Beech

BabyBay Bedside Cot Beech

BabyBay Bedside Cot Beech

BayBay offers all the benefits of co sleeping but without any of the associated risks!

The first few months with a new baby are amazing, however they can also leave you sleep deprived and exhausted. The BabyBay is a unique and innovative solution.
Securely fixing to most heights or styles of bed the babybay allows you to watch over, soothe, and sleep next to your new baby in the safest way possible. Babybay benefits include:

  • Separate sleeping area for baby yet within easy reach for you to see, touch and soothe
  • Baby can sense and smell mother - enhancing bonding
  • No risk of becoming overheated beneath a duvet
  • No risk of being rolled upon
  • Fuss free, comfortable feeding - with minimal disturbance - you don't even have to get out of bed
  • The BabyBay is suitable for babies up to around 9 months of age depending on size and how active they are, and a flat side section for converting into a stand alone cot once baby has started to roll over is also available.

What really makes the babybay unique is its versatility. When baby isn’t sleeping in it anymore, it converts into a bench seat, a desk, a highchair or a playpen – additional extras may be needed and can be purchased separately.

The BabyBay fixes onto the side of your bed and is fully height adjustable, providing a safe and totally separate sleeping area just inches away from you.There’s no risk of you rolling on your baby and no risk of your baby becoming overheated beneath your bedding.  Night time feeds become easier and the bonding process between you and your new baby is enhanced.

BabyBay  Mattress
Due to the unique shape of the babybay, you will need a mattress designed to fit it properly.  Mattresses comply with the rigorous requirements of BS 1877 Part 10 for safety and performance and BS 7177 for flammability. 

The Coconut Original Mattress w. Natural Bamboo cover; Consists of a coconut fibre core, bound with natural latex and sheathed in a layer of untreated, natural cotton. The combination of latex and coconut fibres is extremely breathable and thus ensures good air circulation and moisture removal. In addition, the tiny hollow coconut fibres also have excellent heat retention and moisture repelling properties. The mattress is impressive due to its good pressure distribution and its constant, supportive elasticity. The natural alternative, quality tested by the Environmental Institute in Cologne according to QUL-guidelines.

BabyBay Side Rail
When your baby has started to roll over on their own, you might not be ready to move them into their own room but might not want them joining you under the duvet too often.
Simply add a side rail onto your babybay to turn it into a ‘stand alone’ cot.  It clips in place in seconds with special spring loaded clips. If you did want to move your baby into their own room at this point, you can simply move the babybay into the nursery.

Please note: Cot bumpers and sheets sold separately.

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